Guest Comments

Thankyou for creating this amazing hideaway by the lake Brett! Our favorite spot was on the verandah, in the morning when the chooks came to say g’day and nestled down in the sunshine as we read. The other special times were in the evenings as the sun shone on the tree covered hill and the tiny welcome swallows that flitted over the lake. Watching the incredible birdlife anytime was a special treat. The fish were safe with us and their occasional high leaps from the lake amazed us!. We appreciated all the treats on arrival and the friendly atmosphere you bring to Moonbah Brett. Happy 2017 and may it be a wonderful year for you Brett.

Deborah & Garrett, January 2017.

Dear Brett, thankyou for such an exquisite place to relax and usher in the New Year. The huts were everything we imagined and more. We will definitely be back during winter. My daughter enjoyed herself immensely and we loved the evening fires together.

Tarun & Rajan, December/January 2016/2017

Dear Buster, Well done! You seem to have Brett very well trained in providing outstanding accommodation in a delightful setting. As a fishing companion you excel and I will miss our philosophical discussions on the verandah of an evening. Give Brett a pat for me! Many thanks and see you again, soon.

Michael & Klara, Mornington Peninsular, Victoria October 2016

Dear Brett, When looking to escape the hustle & bustle of the city, this is what you dream of! Moonbah Hut is set in such a tranquil part of the world…nothing but running stream, bird calls and wildlife! Thankyou for making aour stay such a joy. From being able to gather fresh eggs in the morning, to sitting on the porch and letting time pass with not a care in the world. This place will always be in our hearts, especially since this is where George PROPOSED!!!

Love Sarah & George, September 2016. PS I said yes πŸ™‚

Dear Brett & Buster Boy (2nd most special dog in our life). We finally made it to Moonbah Huts (Lake Hut) after 3 years! Lake Hut is just gorgeous, we love the stone and rustic timber walls, the hut makes you feel like you a living 100 years ago. The large stone fireplace was our favorite to sit and relax at night. Thankyou for the welcoming gifts too. Being able to collect the fresh eggs from the chicken coop was such a treat, made beautiful scrambled eggs and crepes with them that Buster enjoyed too πŸ™‚ The luxurious towels in the bathroom were lovely after a hot shower. The two leather arm chairs in front of the fire were great to fall asleep in front of the crackling fire. The work you have put into biulding the huts is Amazing Brett – your own home is amazing too Brett, can’t wait to see it finished. We arrived home to the hut after a bike ride this afternoon to fresh snowfall, which eventually covered everything, including Buster Boy, such a magical place! Don’t know how I’m going to say goodbye withpout tears! thankyou very much Brett & Buster for a much needed, relaxing stay – we will be back every winter πŸ™‚ PS We have some great photos for you Brett…

Ali & Mary, Beecroft, NSW, August 2016

What a truly special place it is where you live. How lucky we are to have the opportunity to stay. You have created an utterly charming hut in the most peaceful & stunning location. Thankyou for being such a lovely and gracious host & for all the extra special touches and treats. Thankyou Buster for your amazing cuddles.

Dean & Kristen, July 2016, Ettalong Beach, NSW.

Another wonderful stay at Moonbah! Our anniversaries are always made very special by this wonderful slice of paradise, even when the weather isn’t friendly! The black & white fluffball of a welcoming committee is one of our favorite things about coming to stay (along with the serenity, seclusion and absolute beauty at this corner of the world and I promise we will be back to share our pancakes with Buster! Thanks again for creating such a wonderful relaxing experience for all of your guests Brett. We” be back!

Laura & James, Sydney. June 2016

To the Lake Hut, and to its maker, who built it strong and snug and true; my grateful thanks for he solitude and sacred stillness found within these four walls. When the icy gales were blowing outside, there was barely a ripple in the flames of the fireplace. As to the beauty found outside, when the dawns gave away to bright, warm, deep blue skies, I will share the words of our national poet, who said it best:

“And down by Kosciuszko where the pine clad ridges raise, their torn and rugged battlements on high, where the air is clear as crystal and the white stars fairly blaze, at midnight in the cold and frosty sky…”

These nine days of memories, especially of cooking my evening meal on the coals outside, with Buster’s company, as day turned to night, will remain with me forever. Blessed be. Shannon, on my 60th birthday.

Shannon, May 2016, Tamborine QLD.

Dearest Brett, thankyou for having us at the super gorgeous Lake Hut his weekend. I have often looked at the property on the website & how dreamy it looks in winter. However, at the time we were living in Brisbane & it’s just too far away! Finally, 2 years later we are here! We are so impressed with the hut & its old world charm & were also pleasantly surprised by the luxurious touches that have been added. Thankyou for the delicious welcome gifts & for making our stay so comfortable. The fireplace is just beautiful. Sitting by the lake having a drink with my love was just so relaxing. We loved your dog and chickens hanging around us by the fire. And upon finishing our bushwalk we saw a big stag! The abundance of wildlife is amazing! Just this morning we awoke to see 11 deer grazing in the yard!! During our stay we also enjoyed seeing birds, cows, horses, sheep, rabbits, a fox, wallabies, kangaroos & trout – but Buster was the sweetest! We just adore it here and hope to return again when it snows. thankyou again and we look forward to keeping up to date with Moonbah Huts through Social Media πŸ™‚ XOX

Alice & Tom, Kiama, NSW April 2016

As everybody has said – this place is magical! We didn’t realise how stressed out we were until we arrived and started relaxing! Being away from TV & the Internet for a few days was bliss. We had to bribe Buster with some BBQ items but after that he was never far away! Had a lovely breakfast with the hens too. Next time we’ll be back when it’s snowing. Thanks so much Brett.

Sarah & Damian, Canberra, March 2016

Thankyou Brett for creating a dream. This weekend I saw in my 30th year & I can’t imagine a more magical place to do it! We were more than welcomed by Buster and the 9 ladies (chickens) who all made it that much more enjoyable. We had been planning to come here for over 4 years now and we will definitely be back. Again, thankyou for creating another world for us to slip into. All the best.

Carissa & Alex, Sydney, February 2016

Dear Brett, What a truly magic place the way you have recreated a time past, with the quite, peaceful surroundings (I was thrilled my mobile didn’t work here). All your attention to detail to recreate a hut from the 1800’s is very impressive and I just could not stop taking photos! This will not be my only visit, I plan to return as it is a place to rest ones’ soul, away from the insane pace of the city. This was the perfect place to end our three generation, two week road trip. My father, son & myself loved the place. Congratulations on the vision, foresight & talent to create the Lake Hut.

Mel, James & James, Bowral & Robertson, January 2016

Dear Brett, Buster witnessed a proposal this weekend! Probably not his first, but he definitely played the cool, calm and collected card (unlike me). I can’t help but feel the chickens were all in on it too, clucking around us as if they were waiting for something exciting to happen. thankyou for letting us enjoy a long weekend at you beautiful home. Buster, along with all the other fluffy animals made us feel very welcome, and even took us on guided tours up the mountain. We will definitely be back soon, to create more special memories. PS Buster secretly enjoys listening to Adele by the lake…

Sam & Jade, Canberra, November 2015

I can’t even begin to describe how magical this special place is – well worth the wait and we will come back to celebrate every anniversary we can. A slice of heaven and I will never forget how whole it has made me feel. Fishing did not disappoint with a great ‘hatch’ allowing Alex to get a long awaited fly fishing fix with some proper fish πŸ™‚ We loved Buster & those hilarious chooks which I could watch all day. Hopefully the little ducklings will all survive to be busy little nest makers like their folks. I will remember every detail and cherish our time here. You are a great person who honours and respects nature – thanks for the chat and for creating something so wonderful.

Jenna & Alex, Narrabeen, NSW October 2015

Dear Brett, She said “YES”. Thankyou for providing us such a magic place. It will be a lifetime memory for us! I believe the Hut gave me luck when I proposed. We will be back, we wish to see you again very soon. Buster is so nice to us. He gives us hope that our Rosie will grow up to be a s calm and nice as him. We love you Buster!

Yang & Claire, September 2015

Dear Brett & Buster, Thankyou for his lovely accommodation. We were taken back to our childhoods. We are originally from Trinidad & Tobago, so life was simple in those days! This is a truly beautiful ‘escape’! My son is really fond of Buster – his first dog friend. Until next time…

Nigel, Alisa & Asriel, August 2015

What a cozy, warm and inviting place the ‘Lake Hut’ is. It is a lovely reminder that we don’t need all the ‘luxuries’ of a modern dwelling, but just peace & quiet, an open fire to keep us toasty, serene and beautiful nature all around, and that’s it! What more could we possibly ask for?! The night sky was so spectacular I almost cried; haven’t seen the Milky Way and that many stars since trekking in Nepal! The kids were amazed too, and took great pleasure in the iced over puddles and lake this morning. I wish we had a hut like this in our backyard – and all the stress and thoughts of work would simply dissolve into thin air! Wish we could have stayed longer, but we’ll be back again…

Tanya & Hadi, Epping, Victoria (7 hrs away but every bit worth the drive), July 2015

To Brett, Arriving here on Friday night took my breath away! The Hut is, by far, the nicest place we have ever stayed at. Thankyou for all the extra touches & treats πŸ™‚ The hut has so much character & you can see you have put your heart and soul into it. It is so tranquil and serene and I agree with so many of your guests – do we pass on this beautiful little haven, or keep it our secret? Thankyou πŸ™‚

Arian & Chrissie, Wollongong, NSW, July 2015

Dear Brett, I bought my wife here for her 40th birthday and we have had a wonderful time – I’ve racked up thousands of points!! Thanks to this beautiful place you have masterfully constructed. You did extra well providing snow on our 2nd day! We’ll be back!

Michael & Helen, North Curl Curl, July 2015

Woke up this morning to thick cover of white powder snow, what a thrill, first day of winter 2015!!! Loved every moment of our stay in this hut. Fishing for trout, coffee on the front deck, wine in front of the open fire. 4 days away from phones & TV is a great way to ‘recharge’. Thankyou Brett for your hospitality, you have a very special place here.

Benay & Quentin, Eden, NSW, May/June 2015

Dear Brett, thankyou for the most beautiful stay! We are in love with this place, it is truly breathtaking. We shall miss the cosy nights by the fire, waking up to the most beautiful natural scenery! It will forever be a special place in our hearts now as we got engaged this weekend, right there on the balcony looking up at the starry night sky…perfection. We most definitely will be back again.

Mitch & Kimberley, Collaroy, NSW, May 2015

Martha’s 40th birthday in the Snowy Mountains; We loved it! This is one of the most special places on earth! Brett is awesome & Buster fits perfectly into the experience.

Paul & Martha, Fairfax VA USA, April 2015

Amazing find – remote, quiet and so confortable. Pity that our stay was only one night, thankyou Brett.

Ray & Iain, Chichester, UK, February 2015

Thankyou for providing a relaxing and calm environment – the smile is back in our eyes! The craftmanship and attention to detail in the hut is a credit to you. Our biggest delight was seeing the starts around a new moon – we’d forgotton their intensity…and thankyou Buster for your company.

Michelle & Lindy, Woonora, NSW January 2015

We have been here 2 times now and we will always come back here…this is our favorite place in this area…we love everything here, (EVERYTHING) πŸ™‚ Thankyou so much and oh, I really love Buster!

Phillip & Kapuk, Thailand & Australia, December 2014

Love it, Love it, Love it! Just what we both needed. Love Buster, the chocolates, peace, view, all the little touches…We are already planning on taking family & friends here in the future. We’ll be back!!

Matthew & Enita, Sydney, November 2014

Dear Brett & Buster, Thankyou so much for such an amazing experience. This place is a piece of heaven. Thankyou for sharing it with us. We are looking forward to going home & booking again – this time in winter! We also plan on making it our annual anniversary weekend. See you both soon!

Matt & Tammy, Calwell, ACT, October 2014

Thankyou for an amazing stay that we will remember forever. We loved hanging out with Buster and the chickens! The opportunity to walk outside and see the universe overhead was unforgettable. You have done a great job building this special place in a beautiful part of the world. We are already planning our next stay. Many thanks Brett.

Matt & Connie, Canberra, September 2014

What an incredible spot! Thankyou so much Brett, for such a memorable few days that we will never forget. The beauty, the sounds and the peace. Thankyou also for the fishing and for letting us enjoy time with Buster!

Jodie, Scott, Oliver, Sophia and Charlotte, The Outpost, Northbridge, Sydney, September 2014

Thanks so much Brett, for creating this little mountain escape. We were totally enchanted and romanced by the river, the trees, the peace, the birdsong &, of course, the Hut, complete with man’s best friend, Buster! We needed to unwind & recharge – we did both here. Big tick from us!

Wendy & Warick, Sydney, September 2014

The River Hut exudes romance & nostalgia, in truckloads and the serenity! Words cannpt justify the tranquility, it can only be explained with a few days here…

Darren & Amy, Shellharbour, NSW September 2014

A truly splendid location, but what was even better was the fantastic hospitality (Brett), company (Buster & Co) and the ABSOLUTELY AMAZING HUT!!!. We want to thank you greatly for such a lovely opportunity to unwind in such peaceful tranquility. A wonderful experience and, although short this time, we are certainly looking forward to our next time coming. All the best to you and your family Brett πŸ™‚

Chad, Hoda, Omar, Adam & Noor, Sydney, September 2014

We have had a fabulous time! This is a ‘special’ place- so relaxing and very cosy! What a way for my ‘Gem’ to spend her 10th birthday! Such fun with ‘Buster’ & the ‘chooks’! Her 10th birthday has been “the best ever” – snow, horse riding and wandering along the river! A great place – we have many happy memories! We hope to visit again one day. Cheers, Shelley, Mick, Gemma, Oscar…Cracking the ice of the dam each morning was a lot of fun too! πŸ™‚

Shelley, Mick, Gemma & Oscar, Adelaide, South Australia, August 2014

Dear Brett, words cannot describe the magical time we have had here at Moonbah River Hut with the kids. We absolutely loved it here and leave feeling so grateful, relaxed and happy. Your place is what dreams are made of & the kids will never forget the absolute wonderous time we’ve been so lucky to share. We will definitely return without a doubt! We are in love with Buster – thankyou!! PS The bed was the best bed ever!

Felice, Stephanie, Gianni & Emilia, Strathfield, Sydney, August 2014

Thankyou Brett for an absolutely fantastic stay. We had an amzing time…the wine, chocolates, cheese. The fireplace was just amazing. 2 nights were not enough for us. Enjoyed Buster’s company (Buster you are Super Duper Amazing!). It was a suprise for my bother Amit, it was his first experience in the Snowies – he came all the way from Fiji Island. There is not enough words to say thankyou for your wonderful creation – Amit has great memories to tell when he gets back to Fiji. Also big thanks to my Hubby for such a wonderful suprise – feels like I’m in heaven! We will be back soon….thankyou again B & B (Brett & Buster).

Umesh & Anshu, Sydney, & Amit, Fiji Island, July 2014

This is our second stay, we were here in late May this year for 3 nights. A wonderful place to ‘smell the roses’! We love the peace and tranquility, away from TV, traffic and people. We love Buster, my girlfriend has fallen in love with him! We will be back again.

Graham & Suri, Fairlight, NSW, July 2014

This is a place we will never forget! Thankyou for the luxurious touches and for making our first wedding anniversary one to remember.

Tara & Nick, Canberra, June 2014

My wife and I and our two children, ages 7 and 4, have just returned from 6 wonderful nights at Brett’s Moonbah Huts. It is difficult to overstate how much we enjoyed our time. As a family we are fortunate to have travelled extensively, both in Australia and globally. We have had some fabulous holidays and experiences. Yet, it is fair to say, that this holiday was one of our favorites. Moonbah offer the perfect yet all too rare combination of natural beauty, perfect accommodation, and outstanding host. Lovingly handcrafted by Brett, the huts epitomize rustic luxury, and have been thoughtfully decorated to reflect the memories of a bygone era. Our days were filled enjoying this beautiful region. We’d wake up to the burbling sounds of the nearby river, rutting deer and cackling kookaburra’s, and go to sleep to the warmth and sight of a wood fire all under the endless stars of the Milky Way. The area is teeming with wildlife. Emu’s, kangaroo’s, wombats, deer, rabbits, highland cattle, flocks of cockatoos (I’ve never seen so many!), clouds of beautiful rosella’s, and brumbies running wild and free on the hills. The rivers and high alpine lakes are full of trout, both brown and rainbow that eagerly rose to my fly. The children just loved playing with Brett’s lovely border collie Buster, and gave the chickens more love and attention (and food!) than any chickens on the face of the earth. The Snowy Mountains are a very special place. Wildly beautiful and harshly spectacular every twist and turn in the mountain roads left us spellbound and once again reaching for the camera. Brett is also a wonderful host and a genuinely good man. A terrific conversationalist he has that wonderful ability to so effortlessly make all feel welcome and comfortable. He’s been traveling to this area for over 40 years. His passion, love and knowledge of the area is striking and infectious. He offered endless pointers on things to do, places to go, along with a running history of the area and some of its more colorful personalities. He put me in touch with Matt Tripet, a local flyfishing guide. Matt shares Brett’s deep love for the area while also being an outstanding guide. Over the course of three separate sessions Matt introduced me to three different areas that required their own techniques. I enjoyed these sessions immensely, am grateful for the instruction that improved my abilities, and immensely enjoyed our time together on the river. As you can tell, we enjoyed this holiday. We enjoy traveling and very and only rarely do we enjoy a destination so much that we would like to return. Moonbah is one such destination. A beautiful place, located in a beautiful region, with terrific company. We look forward to returning……

Ian, April 2014, Brisbane

“Moonbah hut has left us with nothing but positive memories! Everything from the location, experience, and right down to hospitality… It has been by far the best we’ve experienced in Australia thus far. Brett is one of the warmest hosts we’ve met and a truly wonderful human being who made our visit at Moonbah truly extraordinary.

We were there for three nights altogether. Two nights at the river hut and one night on the lake hut. The river hut is located about 50meters from the moonbah river in a quiet and peaceful spot. The huts are a journey back to the early Australian era and very tastefully decorated, we specially loved the old newspaper cuttings on the toilet wall that dated back to the 1920’s (how cool is that?). πŸ™‚ We found the river hut perfect for a family of four and were welcomed with a lovely bottle of red wine, chocolates, coffee, ice-creams and more. Buster was a delight and was great company for my daughter who spent most of her time with him exploring the place. The bed is luxurious with towels, linen and all the finest necessities provided. The absence of having mobile network and television was indeed a blessing and made all the difference. For once we felt we were truly connected with nature and were aware of the beauty that surrounded us! Do bring along your iphone/ipod audio cable though to play your tunes in the background. πŸ™‚

We found the lake hut a little smaller but had everything needed for a comfortable stay. The view of the lake is truly mesmerizing. We were left spellbound to see the milky way right above our hut with the reflection of the stars on the lake, you don’t want to miss this specially if it’s a clear night. The chooks are friendly and were happy to give you company as you sipped your coffee on the porch in the mornings. Though we didn’t catch any trout, we learnt a few tricks about fly fishing from Brett who was always eager to help. The lake cabin is on a spot where you can just sit and watch the clouds float by. Simply beautiful!
The Wildsbury distillery is about 30mins from the hut and is a must visit. They had free schnapps tasting and their Gluwein and bratwurst brought back memories of Germany. We took the sky tube to Perisher which was about 30mins from the town and were glad to be able to experience snow at the time of the year. There are a couple of restaurants, including a Woolies supermarket and ski hire shops close to the shell gas station. The drive from the town to the hut was quite amazing where we got some fantastic shots. We also happened to come across Emus running wildly across the fields.
Thanks to Brett and his son Ted who went out of their way and did everything they could to help me find my iphone which I’d lost on the dirt track. Very few people I’ve come across in my life who would drop everything to help someone they’ve only just met. I’m happy I got my phone back along with all those memories we clicked of our trip.:)

We had a light snowfall the day before we checked out and sighted one of the most magnificent full semicircle rainbows we’ve ever seen.
If you want to completely unwind and surrender yourself to nature- this is the place! Snow, Stars, Rainbows, and Peace accompanied by hospitality that’s extraordinary – you cannot ask for more! We totally recommend it and can’t wait to be back again next year when it snows πŸ™‚

Thanks Moonbah hut for one of our most memorable holidays yet!”

Nameeth, October 2013, Sydney

“We had a truly magical experience and appreciated the privacy and cleanliness. We will definitely recommend you to others. Would have loved to stay for longer!”

Jolanta, Macey, Nicole, Tim & Natalie, August 2013

“There is certainly a trend throughout all your guest comments in that what you have created, IS truly unique! A memorable getaway (including snow on Thursday morning) that we will treasure for many years to come. Thankyou for the opportunity to share in such a pleasurable experience. All the very best Brett”

Marty, Helen & Kate, August 2013

“The River Hut…..rustic, relaxing….absolutely wonderful luxury! Thankyou for sharing your property with us and for all the special touches – you’ve thought of everything! We had a perfect stay :)”

Gav & Lisa Wilson, Boro, NSW, August 2013

“A perfect family holiday! Absolutely no distractions here, just quality time together! Waking up to snow falling outside the Hut was amazing and falling asleep each night to the warmth of the crackling fire was just sooo special too! The ‘rustic’ but luxurious Hut is straight out of a picture book with the gorgeous river and mountains as its view, what more could anybody ask for? Thankyou Brett, for allowing us into your piece of paradise. We hope to be back!”

The Sears family, Brisbane, QLD, July 2013

“A long weekend that was not long enough! We haven’t felt this relaxed in a very long time & don’t want to leave. Thankyou Brett, for teaching the boys how to flyfish, an experience they won’t forget! You have a very unique place here, a million miles from civilization, yet so civilized! We loved it!!! Hope to be back soon!”

Fred, Marina & Mark, Sydney, June 2013

“Thankyou Brett for a wonderful stay. After spotting your little Hut on the Net we knew this was where we wanted to stay to explore the Snowy Mountains and yes, we can say that it was all we had hoped it would be. Thanks for the photography tips, we have some beautiful photos of our special time here”.

Kate, Brad & Ethan, Dee Why, June 2013

“We had a terrific stay, the cottage made us feel as though we have travelled back in time. You don’t have to be fishing type people to enjoy this unique experience. ‘Buster’ is a dog if you are reading this and haven’t already met him. He’s an excellent host who will keep checking up on you and contribute to your enjoyment of your stay. Many thanks Brett”.

Jack & Rebecca, Sydney, May 2013

“Well, I arrived stressed and pretty much depressed. But I leave relaxed, focused and recharged. The Hut was a powerful reminder that life needn’t always be about the rat race, money & career. Getting back to the real basics – wildlife, weather, log fires, home cooked meals and peace – was an amazing experience. Moonbah Hut has changed me for the better – Thankyou so much for the hospitality, the conversation and, (finally), the fish!

Scott, Sydney, April 2013

“What an amazing retreat you have here Brett! It has been a fabulous weekend break away form the city hustle and bustle. Buster kept me company when Gareth couldn’t stop fishing! Oh, and I caught my first fish! We will be back”.

Amy & Gareth, Sydney, April 2013

“Thanks Brett for a wonderful 2 days at your adorable Hut. Our families gave this to John for his 70th birthday. He was in 7th heaven watching trout rise in the dam & the river and putting his fishing skills in action. Your place is certainly a paradise on earth”.

John & Nancy, Wingham, NSW March 2013

“Back again 12 months on for our 1st Anniversary, just as special as our honeymoon. Thankyou again Brett for a wonderful stay”.

Ian & Evonne McKenzie, Organge, NSW, February 2013

“Thankyou Brett for sharing this Paradise on Earth! – It’s my second time here at Moonbah Hut. Two years ago we were here in early spring and these 5 blissful days now in summertime have shown us a different, but equally beautiful landscape and birdlife. Your hospitality is much appreciated and coming from the big smoke (Sydney) into the Hut with welcoming red, chocolates, lovely white tiger lilllies and fresh eggs in the chookhouse IS AS GOOD AS IT GETS!!! The silence soothes the soul, the chooks are almost in our laps! What a life! What a lucky boy Casper is to experience Moonbah!!! The summit of Kosciuszko was awesome! Your second Hut is another masterpiece…”

Patrik Ekstrom, Dural, NSW January 2013

“Thankyou for sharing your dream with us Brett. You are a lovely person & wonderful host. Paul really appreciated the time you spent teaching him flyfishing. Come and catch a black bass in our creek whenever you like”.

Chris & Paul, Pearces Creek, NSW, January 2013

“Best place we have ever stayed!” Thanks heaps Brett, we’ll be back for sure!”.

Rob & Penny, Stratford, December 2012

“Right down to the antique power points, you have put so much thought into this place. Thankyou so much for sharing it with us. If we never return we will remember you forever”.

Jamie, Katie & Cassidy, Darwin, December 2012

“Wow! What an incredible place among some beautiful mountains. The Log Cabin (Hut) has given Danielle and I the inspiration to build our own. We’ve had a lovely honeymoon and would not have wanted to be anywhere else”.

Frank & Danielle D’Aebbario, Berrima, December 2012

“We have stayed in many huts in the high country, but this one has been our favorite. The serenity and peaceful calm washes upon you as you enjoy some of the simpler things in life, as well as some of the finest. The attention to detail in building the old hut and collaborating it’s old style is amazing. All the little extra’s like swiss chocolates, camembert cheese, Penfolds wine, fresh towels, comfortable bed, open fire & even fresh flowers, all make this stay more than special. And last but not least, we love Buster, a beautiful soul and thoroughly enjoyed his company. We will be sure to share this secret with our family. Many thanks, Hayley & Ben, Newlyweds πŸ™‚ on honeymoon.

Mr & Mrs Ben & Haley Duncan, Nowra, November 2012

Lake Hut

“We spent two beautiful nights in the Hut for Cheng’s birthday. I love Buster! We loved the chickens too and their eggs were soooo delicious! Thanks for everything”

Cheng Yann Tan, Pei Yee Lai & Yin Yess Lai, Malaysia & Sydney, October 2012

Lake Hut

“This was surprise birthday present and it couldn’t have been more perfect. I had 2 of the best days of my life & hands down the most amazing birthday I have ever had. This place is so special & magical & I don’t believe it is more possible to feel more relaxed & content as I have here. Thanks!! Tara.

Tara, Jayne & Kira, Sydney, October 2012

Moonbah River Hut

“A great vision, came through with style – you deserve to succeed in spades! We will return…”.

Ian & Ginny Douglas, Adelaide, October 2012

Moonbah River Hut

12 October 2012 – Snowing!

“Oh the pressure of being the inaugural guest book entry! The stay has been magic, you have created an environment here that exceeds most five star hotels, particularly given it is clear the passion and attention to detail you have put into it; right down to the Maggie Beer icecream in the freezer. Thankyou for having me to stay – my biggest dilemma now is whether to tell the world, or keep it a secret so I can come back again and again!!”

Claire Stewart – The Australian Financial Review

“Really enjoyed our stay here. Had to finally catch a trout before & on my 40th birthday. Caught plenty! Great eggs too and thanks for letting us use your fishing gear. We will be back again as I am ‘hooked’. Made my brothers holiday in Australia all the more special with the snow too on the last morning”

Jamie & Donna, UK & NZ originally, Jon, UK, October 2012

“Thankyou for this beautiful stay. This place is full of suprise πŸ™‚ After a couple of hours of ooohhing & ahhhing, we had the most beautiful BBQ dinner outside – and your Uber friendly dog was by our side. Thankyou so very much. The next trip is a must!”

Emily & George, Sydney, October 2012

“Spent two beautiful nights in the Hut for Wayne’s birthday and enjoyed every minute. Thankyou Brett for the bottle of red which we shared in front of the fireplace. Can’t wait to return with the kids…so till then THANKYOU!”

Wayne & Helen Tweedie, Quakers Hill, Sydney, September 2012

“Those lame bumper stickers: ‘Magic Happens’…..they used to make my eyes roll but it was the first thing that came to mind whilst @ my stay @ the Hut…I’ve officially had to hand in my notice of no more single ladies dancing @ parties due to Brett putting a ring on it!!! woohoo!! Great memories were made & we’ll be back for more…”

Brett & Zed, Sydney August 2012

“Celebrating two birthdays our stay the Moonbah Hut couldn’t have been more perfect. A total escape from the city, walks in the snow gums – with snow falling! Highland cows, kangaroos and deer. Brett you have created a magical place here – look forward to seeing the new river Hut completed! Thankyou so much”.

Ben & Emma Harrison, Sydney (Spain & France), Michael & Danielle Grevas, Sydney (England & Scotland), July 2012

“What an awesome place. I spent the weekend with my brother and sister. We laughed so much. Was fantastic spending quality time together. So nice to get away from the rat race. You live in a slice of heaven Brett. Thank you so much for building such a wonderful place for everyone to enjoy. Leisa πŸ™‚ “Thanks for creating an amazing place to visit. To go back to the basics and enjoy the simple things is something we should all do more often. Magic!!! We will be back for sure”. Charmanye.

Leisa, Charmayne, Phillip, Queanbeyan, June 2012

“What an awesome place for our 20th Anniversary! After the blizzard on the 25th May we can certainly testify to the strength of the Hut!”

Martin, Canberra, May 2012

“Thanks Brett for your great hospitality and for allowing us to share your unique piece of heaven on the wonderful Moonbah River. Fishing your dam and actually catching some browns certainly was a pleasant experience and it bought back memories of wading the Moonbah and catching the odd trout which I did more than 50 years ago!”

Graham & Janet, Wollongong, April 2012

“Loved your little Hut even more the second time round! Had a fantastic weekend recovering from a camping trip. We’ll be back yet again!”

Tam & Lux, Sydney, April 2012

“Thankyou Brett & Ted for your warm and friendly hospitality & for sharing your amazing piece of paradise. We loved the idea of fishing in the lake at the door step. The chickens followed Tom around. Your attention to detail superb, chocolates and wine were delicious. We’ll be back!”.

Tom & Vida, Sydney, Mar 2012

“What a wonderful piece of paradise you have created here Brett. We have spent the most beautiful time here for our honeymoon. Not only are we taking home with us gorgeous memories, but new fishing skills as well. Thankyou for your time in teaching us how to fly fish. We are both hooked! What you have made here has allowed us to totally unwind & relax. We don’t want to go back home, but we have to. Moonbah Hut is the most special place we have ever stayed in and we will be back often. Cheers Brett”.

Ian & Evonne McKenzie, Orange, NSW, Feb 2012

“Thankyou for such a wonderful place for our little family to enjoy. Rob caught a few trout, the girls adored the dog and I enjoyed the peace and quiet and a complete disconnect from the real world. We will definitely be back and thankyou for having us and for the lovely wine and chocolates – both enjoyed under the stars by the fire :)”

The MacDonalds, Southern Highlands, January 2012

“Thanks Brett and Ted for your warm welcome to your spectacular place. We definitely caught the fly fishing bug!”

Bud, Jo, Nira & Marlo, Canberra, January 2012

“Found this peaceful haven to regenerate on trip via Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, New Zealand & the U.S. Well done Brett on your creation & good luck with the new hut – we will be back to try it as it will be 5 star plus! Thankyou for all your wonderful kindness – our door is always open in Devon, if you come over to the U.K.”

Gary & Tink, South Devon, England, January 2012

“Dear Brett & Teddy, thankyou so much for creating such an amazing place, it really has been one of the most amazing places I have ever stayed! The stars at night were fantastic!”.

Mark & Sarah, Sydney, January 2012

“You have created something quite inspirational. Thanks for letting us share it, we loved every minute. See you again”.

Will, Hayley, Claire & John, Sydney, January 2012

“Such an exquisite way to begin the New Year! The peacefulness of being here is extraordinary. Beautiful hospitality from the many animals and creatures – especially great to meet Brett, Karen, Teddy & of course Buster”.

Claire & David Jankleson, Sydney, January 2012

“Peaceful, tasteful, playful”.

John, Valentino & Nicola, Blue Mountains, Dec 2011

“Thanks for the opportunity to experience nature the way we were created to. Everything was perfect”.

Fraser & Jo Offord, Camden, NSW, November 2011

“This one is special. We had a magical weekend. Going to keep it secret so it never changes. We will be back and thanks for the flyfishing lessons”.

Jim & Nadine, Noble Park, Victoria, October 2011

“The Hut is an ideal location to remove oneself from the demands of modern society that include emails and mobile phones. The fishing has been exceptional. My advice to all anglers approaching the lake at the front of the Hut, if fish aren’t moving, use a bead headed olive Wooly Bugger off the jetty. If fish are rising and porpoising then use a scruffy brown nymph emerger with a slow retrieve. For anglers fishing the river upstream from the Hut on a section of river adjacent to high deer fencing there are 2-3 excellent clear pools which harbour large browns which respond readily to weighted brown nymphs.

Fish Tally:

Day 1 4 Rainbows, 4 Browns

Day 2 1 Rainbow, 3 Browns

Day 3 1 Rainbow, 3 Browns

Day 4 1 Brown

Day 5 3 Rainbows, 5 Browns

Largest fish 10 Pound Brown! There are some real ‘hawgs’ in the lake at the front of the Hut. I caught 2 browns over double figures in weight. A great fishery.

Loch & Nicole, Ballarat, Victoria, October 2011

“Thanks Brett for a wonderful week….we appreciate your hospitality and the freedom we felt roaming around your awesome patch. Kasper will miss Bear….Ann will miss the old wares….and Patrik will miss the stars! P.S. The eggs were sooo yummy! The silence is priceless! Thankyou.”

Ann & Kasper & Patrik, Sydney, September 2011

“It is everything the website promises & more. A beautiful part of Australia and one everyone must see for themselves. The ‘Hut’ gives you an insight into what the pioneers lived like – very humbling. Cooking in the ‘Canberra’ stove was a treat. Thanks for the flyfishing lessons Brett. Hope to see you again. Cheers”.

Tonia & Danny, Gippsland, Victoria, August 2011

“We had an absolutely wonderful time. We will recommend Moonbah Hut to everyone and we’ll be back again in a flash if we ever have the opportunity. Thank you”.

Chris & Emma, Scotland, August 2011

“Brett, thankyou for an unforgettable experience. We truly felt like pioneers (with underfloor heating)! The blizzard added adventure too”.

Danny & Natasha, Sunshine Coast, July 2011

“We wanted to introduce the children to the snow. What a magical way to do it. Your attention to detail makes this authentic cottage a great getaway for us city folk. We’ll be back:)”

Paul, Meri, Caitlyn & Marc, July 2011

“A cottage out of a fairytale! A magical place for young and old. The snow on our last day was the icing on the cake. We all loved our stay here. See you next time”.

Reg, Vera, Sev, Abe, Sydney, July 2011

“Thanks Brett, we had a very peaceful & relaxed 24th Wedding Anniversary. An ideal place for reminiscing & looking back.”

Nishadhi & Dexter Creuz, Canberra, June 2011

“Amazing place. We hope this place stays the same 10-20 years from now. We will definitely keep coming back. Caught two browns & three rainbows (decent sizes) – not bad for a first timer on the fly rod!”

Anthony, Nia & Gabby, Melbourne, May 2011

“What a special haven you have created. It was a perfect time. Your Hut is a work of art!”

Nicole & Gary, May 2011

“Brett, you have created a sanctuary so rare in today’s fastpaced world. The hut is so homely and authentic we feel like we have been transported back in time. Thankyou for the memorable weekend. P.S. Can we take Buster with us? :)”

Kathy & Luke, Sydney, May 2011

“This will always be a special place for us, for the rest of our lives. Phil got down on one knee and asked me to marry him (on the bench in front of the fire outside). I said yes! A perfect moment in a perfect place. Thankyou”.

Sarah & Phil, Greg Greg, May 2011

“I try to believe in ‘twinkly lights and magical places’ – Brett, you have managed to achieve both! Anything built with love and passion is always a special place. Thankyou for the time to spend with my Dad and watch him do the things he most loves. P.S. If you are missing a dog, he is with me :)”

Kate & Garry, Sydney/South Africa, April 2011

“Wow! What a special place to start our married life. Peaceful, relaxing and magical, especially first thing in the morning with the mist over the dam – got some great pics! Thankyou for sharing this place & for your wonderful hospitality. Buster and Bear were great also. They obviously love meeting all the different people who come here. Can’t wait to come back for another visit”.

Meg & Wayne, St Helens Park NSW, March 2011

“You’ve created an amazingly special place here Brett. We’ve had such a relaxing few days and even managed a few hours away to climb Mt Kosciuszko. Loved cooking on the woodfired stove. We had mushroom, rocket & blue cheese pizza last night. Don’t know if it was just the environment or the stove – but it was the best ever! Thankyou so much for sharing this lovely spot.

Sharon & Stuart Oliver, (Canberra), February 2011

“What a wonderful, magical place to experience the majesty of the Australian bush. A slice of heaven on earth to enjoy in all its wonder. A beautiful experience made all the better with your lovely touches to the cabin. I really loved baking a lamb roast & vegies in the wood oven and seeing the night sky in all its glory. It’s the little things that matter and remind me how lucky we are to live in Australia. Thankyou Brett for an unforgettable experience that will live forever in our hearts”.

Phil & Lesley Smurthwaite, Canberra, January 2011

“A beautiful place to stay and get away from it all. Hospitality was second to none. Words really fail me in ways to explain the peace & enjoyment we all had. Boys caught 2 brown trout in the river. I sadly caught none but the plus side is that I must come back!! Can’t wait!! Thankyou, you have a hidden gem πŸ™‚

Senga O’Byrne, Canberra, January 2011

“What a perfect place to spend our New Years at Moonbah Hut. It is so beautiful with its peaceful surroundings and mountain views. The Hut with its rustic look & the dam right at the door; ‘Picture perfect’. My beautiful husband Dusty has fished from dawn ’till dusk. He loves it. The rainbows and browns he caught and the one I got, ha ha! The laughter & excitement we had: ‘Priceless’. We will definitely be back. You are so lucky to have this Great Paradise & we are so grateful that you share it!!

Liz & Dusty, (Tumbarumba), January 2011

“WOW! Ash found you on the web & thought what a special place to celebrate Christmas. He was right, what a gem. We started off by practicing flyfishing, being novices, but Ash caught 2 in the dam, me nothing! On Christmas Day I cooked chicken, ham and the works in the wood oven with great success. We later had trout with Moonbah herbs cooked on the BBQ. It seems so strange being able to have a fire at night at Christmas. Brett, your personal touches in the Hut are special & show that you care about your guests and are an excellent host. Going out in ‘The Cobalt’ will have to wait to next time”.

Ash & Sal, Talgarno, December 2010

“Moonbah Hut definitely rates as one of our top 3 stays anywhere! Tastefully decorated, beautifully located – perfect! It’s a wonderful contrast to all the stark military look accommodation littering the Snowy Mountains ski resorts”.

John & Lucy Benz, Sydney, December 2010

“Great to return to the Hut again. A great way to celebrate our Anniversary. Danny was so happy with the surprise; and the big browns in the lake were great! Libby got 4 fish in the little lake. Brett you truly have a slice of heaven here! We’ll be back soon with our boys. Thankyou for being such a great host, as always”.

Danny & Libby Spelic, Canberra, December 2010

“Great place for R & R. Black & Brown Nymphs were successful in the Lake, the trout will be glad we are on our way home. Many thanks Brett we enjoyed our stay”.

David & Kim, Cowra NSW, November 2010

“Bret, loved the couple of days we have spent in this wonderful Hut. A chance to step back in time for a little while. Loved the fireplace, furniture and old magazines. Thanks for the extras. Would love to come back and see more of this great part of the country”.

Ray & Alana, Lake Macquarie, Oct 2010

“Brett, from the moment we drove through the gate we were amazed at the beautiful setting you have created. Thankyou so much for an unbelievable experience – the Hut is a credit to you”

Amanda & Andre, Sydney, Sept 2010

“Brett you have created a very special place here with the Hut, Lake & fish. We enjoyed everything, even the bad weather! The 4lb rainbow trout just topped it off. This is a must do holiday”.

Keith & Melita, Scarborough, QLD, September 2010

“Thanks Brett for a truly wonderful experience! Snow, sun, blizzard & sleet all in 5 days! We loved the Hut and all it had to offer. Even though we had thick snow outside we were very cosy. A trip not to be forgotten – ever!” Thanks again.”

Edwina, Lee & Sam, Cromer NSW, August 2010

“What a wonderful and extraordinary place! We had Buster the dog who stayed on our verandah with us overnight. Buster was also very good to photograph. He seemed to always smile when we took a photo. He was a very smart and playful dog. I loved reading all the antique magazines which I read over and over again. The Hut was very cosy and warm. In the morning the sides of the creek froze up and I was able to ‘walk on water’! We also walked down to the river which was nearby, it had very clean water. We made wonderful scrambled eggs with your free range eggs too. Moonbah Hut was also close to Jindabyne which is very convenient. The Kumquat Marmalade was so nice that we will go on a hunt to find the same kind in Lakewood Drive. Everything was peaceful and my imagination was widened and I now have more ideas on what to paint. I will never forget Buster and I hope to come back again.


“Brett, what can we say but; thankyou! Moonbah Hut is the absolute perfect getaway, we loved the antiques, the log fire was so warm and made the whole hut so cosy..the scenery is surreal, and the underfloor heating is fabulous πŸ™‚ Our boys loved being greeted by Buster & Bear and could not wait for them to come over each day. It made them so happy, being able to be able to give them both hugs & scratches πŸ™‚ Brett, it was a pleasure meeting you and we will recommend ‘Moonbah Hut’ to all our friends and family. Thanks again, Brett, Buster & Bear”.


“We came to see snow and as we drove down the driveway it started snowing! Gavins’ birthday and our Wedding Anniversary. We enjoyed our stay, made us homesick for the bush (Charters Towers) where we grew up. It was just what we expected. Thanks Brett”.


“We loved the hut and playing with all the animals, especially Buster & Bear” (the dogs).


“We celebrated Minnie’s 8th birthday with FIRE! everykind except arson! – we cooked muffins in the wood fired oven, griddled chicken and sausages on the outside fire (in minus 13 celcius!),…followed by heavenly marshmellows and then warmed up by the inside fire. The heated floor is from heaven! Kids outside doing Basil Faulty impressions with birch twigs trying to break the ice on the pond. Everything is exactly as it should be. Thankyou for having us”.


“We decided this year that we would head south rather than north for a family holiday and let the boys experience the snow. From the first time we saw Moonbah Hut on the website we fell in love with it and knew this was were we had to go! We arrived and were welcomed by Buster, who led us down the driveway to the Hut and as the Hut came into our sights we were very happy with our choice. Thankyou Brett for the flyfishing tips too. Owen caught two rainbow trout – not bad for his first flyfishing expedition. One of the moments we won’t forget is the responsibility to lock the chooks up…eight were missing and it took us an hour to find them – Jordan has named it “Chook hide and seek”….we think they must have got sick of it because on our 100th lap of the property they poked their heads out of the timber at us. PS The slab heating is awesome!”


“Can we move in? We have great references! A tip to all….Climb Mt Kosciuszko, magic place! Thanks for sharing it”


“This beautiful Hut is just breathtaking. Warm & cosy, the scenery is surreal can’t believe this place really does exist. The hut took us back to an era way before our time & loved every moment. We will definitely come back & this time for some fishing”.


“The Hut is magic & the quiet & bush lovely! The genius is the underfloor heating. The huge fireplace is our best & unlimited hot water a treat for us Melbournians. First time up in these mountains – what a perfect place to stay for our initiation! Thanks Brett”.


“Staying here has exceeded our expectations, we don’t want to leave! The little Hut has rejuvenated old & fond memories, thankyou Brett,Bear,Buster – The 3B’s!”


“Not only did you bring OLD AUSTRALIA back, you did it with style & comfort! We had a beautiful time. Thankyou Brett”.


“I’ve stayed in a lot of cabins in my time but ‘The Hut’ is by far the best experience I have had. This was the perfect place to come with my son-in-law Jason and grandson Jed. We had a great time fishing and hiking”


“Can’t believe we found this special place”.


“What a work of art you have created with love and passion. How would we describe Moonbah Hut? A place of nurturing, a place of healing, a safe haven that cradles you at night. Thanks Brett”.


We came here and fell in love with the place – the valley, the fishing, the crisp country air and the lifestyle. We’re going back to the city, changed people. Thankyou, what a beautiful place!


“It was the best relaxing days we have ever had. The scenery Perfect, the hut Perfect, Everything was just Perfect, couldn’t wish for a better place to relax. Can’t wait to take the kids next time to meet Ted. Thanks for a great three days Brett, you will see more of us. Thanks again. Michelle & Wayne Cowra NSW”


“Moonbah Hut looks great on the website, almost too good to be true.But guess what? It IS true!!No enhanced photos.Its not so much a hut but an experience.The peace and quiet, the isolation,the fauna, the fresh air, the space to relax and escape whatever you’re trying to escape.Inspirational stuff indeed.Oh and a great shower as well.Wish the place was ours but as that isn’t going to happen we’ll have to settle with going back again at the first opportunity.A truly wonderful part of the country.Don’t hesitate, just GO!!!!”


“What a great place – we were not disappointed! The attention to detail and style gave the house the authenticity and feel of the early settlers WITH the comfort of a heated slab, electric blankets, quality bed linen, robes and towels. Highly recommended and hope we get to stay again”.

Louise – July 2009

“This idyllic location has surpassed all of our expectations. Such peace and tranquility, we will definitely return. The Hut is so cosy and authentic, particularly loved the heated floor! We hope to meet you next time Brett, thanks for everything”.
Kate – July 2008
Rating: 5 out of 5

“Old school, atmospheric and very comfortable”
Nick – September 2007

“Trout, trout, oh mighty trout, you elude us on this day. 1 fish, 2 fish, 3 fish, 4 fish ,off the hook and away! We’ll try again in the morning in hopes of one for tea. If we get one up on the bank I’ll shout: “Yipee!”.

We’re are extremely happy that we were able to spend 2 nights here at Moonbah Hut. It was a wonderful surprise on our 3 week vacation and we plan to stop again on our next trip back. The Hut was super comfortable with all that we needed. Such a cosyΒ  place to be. The flyfishing tips were truly appreciated and we hope to continue when we go fishing next in Alberta. Thankyou Brett for your kind and friendly hospitality. TB & Beau – thankyou for your warm welcome and company”.

All the best..Dennis & Lisa
Dennis – January 2008
Rating: 5 out of 5

“Three perfect days! Thankyou for your hospitality Brett. Picking berries for breakfast, flyfishing for those playful trout, swimming in the river, climbing Kosciuszko, canoeing up the Thredbo River and around some of the lake and watching the storm clouds form – are just some of the memories we’ll treasure (not forgetting playing with TB & Beau of course!!) MOONBAH HUT IS A TASTE OF PARADISE”.
Ian – December 2008
Rating: 5 out of 5

“Brett, if only we had time we could stay for much longer! The Hut is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for making our stay so enjoyable, it felt like visiting a friends farm! Amazing hospitality. Relaxed and recharged”.

Ilka & Guy
Guy – December 2007
Rating: 5 out of 5

“Great hut in an awesome valley. Sighted plenty of browns in the river, caught five as well as a 1kg brook trout from the pond. Thanks mate!!”
Renae – November 2007
Rating: 5 out of 5

“What a truly delightful place – The Hut with so much charm & character! We loved the attention to details – flowers – old tools – bamboo fly rods – chocolates (Thankyou!) and so much more. Interesting collection of books & old magazines! Even the musik was just right to get us into total relaxation mode! The only time my blood pressure went up was watching a massive brown trout come up behind my fly (black mudeye pattern) in the pond.I watched it swallowing the fly, only to explode half a second later, launching into two spectacular leaps – breaking the leader at the later and disappearing with my fly as souvenir! Thankyou for a lovely stay!”
Herbert – November 2007
Rating: 5 out of 5

“The hut was everything and more, something seen to be believed, Brett you truly did a great job we could pack our bags and live there. The kids had a great time the atmosphere was like stepping back in time we one day would love to be there when it is in full snow again well done.”
Barbara, Dean, Nath, Nat – September 2006
Rating: 5 out of 5

“The Hut is an inspiration – the valley is magic. Thanks for your hospitality (& help with the stove) We had a very relaxing time”.
Nick – October 2007
Rating: 5 /5

“If heaven isn’t just like this I’ll have to live forever.
Luxury in a log hut; who’d have thought it possible.”
Ken, NSW December 08
Rating: 5 /5

“Lovely accommodation loved every bit especially open fire and heated concrete floor, and beautiful surroundings. Owner very welcoming.”
Cassie, NSW August 08
Rating: 5 /5

“Our stay was to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary belated, something different, and we were not disappointed. It was like stepping off the merry go round we all seem to live in and breath in each moment as mother nature meant it to be. Relaxing, fun, romantic and certainly charge up one’s batteries. Will be back.”
Vera, QLD August 08
Rating: 5 /5

“Our few days at the hut were restful, romantic and adventurous. We loved the old stove and the fireplace. The host knows the meaning of privacy and his friendly dog was a welcome visitor. We’d love to stay again. ”
Emma, NSW August 08
Rating: 5 /5

“Hello, sorry to take so long in replying to your request.Kellie and myself had a fabulous,but short stay in one of the best little hideaways on this planet.The host and his son could’t do enough for us. Thanks for looking after us and we will be returning soon.”
Wayne, VICTORIA January 08
Rating: 5 /5

“We thoroughly loved the Hut. The host is super gracious.”
Karen, NEW YORK December 07
Rating: 4 /5

“Moonbah Hut is one of those unique getaways which compel you to tell all your friends about. Brett, the owner was exceptionally friendly and helpful whilst the property exceeded all expectations.”
Sam, NSW November 07
Rating: 5 /5

“A luxurious, rustic hideaway which was perfect for our honeymoon. The attention to detail was appreciated. The host and his dogs friendly and helpful. We had a really relaxing few days and would recommend to anyone wanting the same.”
Alison, NSW October 07
Rating: 5 /5

“A wonderful time we had for a week at the hut. The fire kept us warm all week. Brett went to much effort to look after our needs before and during our stay, and we had an absolute ball. Recommend it to anybody wanting a relaxing, comfortable, and quiet break. Had such a rustic feel, but with all the mod cons you could hope for – just perfect”
Mark, NSW July 07
Rating: 5 /5

Diccon June 07
Rating: 5 /5

“A beautiful, homely, romantic and comfortable hut with everything you need to completely switch off and relax. Sitting in front of the open fire with a glass of wine is by far one of the most relaxing and romantic things you can do in the mountains. I highly recommend it as a quiet getaway for all couples!”
Adrian, ACT May 07
Rating: 5 /5

“The Hut is quite unique; in a beautiful setting. Brett has produced an excellent, sensitively executed accommodation choice. His finishing touches, the choice of soaps, provision of slippers, dressing gowns and flowers show a fine focus on detail. We would definitely return.”
Geoff March 07
Rating: 5 /5

“2 nights is not long enough to really enjoy life at the hut. We needed another day just to sit around and soak up the tranquility of the place (with a glass or 2 of Snowy Mountains wine of course). Basic, yes, but comfortable with loads of little details rarely found anywhere else. Don’t think the trout like the hot weather but still had 2 out of the stream – that was fun. Brett is a great guy, hope the new boat runs well – it should! Look forward to returning at some stage.”
Nick, NSW January 07
Rating: 5 /5

“This was one of the best holidays we ever had – the fishing, the wild life and the accommodation was outstanding. Close to Jindabyne and the bush. It was as good as it gets. The owner was the perfect host.”
Mark, VIC January 07
Rating: 5 /5

“Moonbah Hut is one of the best experiences I have had – the accommodation is fantastic and Brett is a terrific host. Can’t wait to get back there!”
Julian, NSW June 06
Rating: 5 /5

“Moonbah hut was fantastic, exactly as we’d imagined – and hoped for. There was so much attention to detail – all the furnishings and decorations. Very comfortable, cosy and authentic!!
It was an experience I would definitely recommend to other couples who are in need of some R & R in a quiet, non commercial environment”.
Debra, NSW April 06
Rating: 5 /5

“A beautiful getaway. Lovely location. The Hut has great attention to detail and an excellent balance of old and comfortable new. (A friendly host always makes a difference too).”
Martin, NSW March 06
Rating: 5 /5

“The Moonbah Hut is a wonderful place. It’s basic, but very comfortable, and the atmosphere of both the hut and the surroundings is very relaxing. Very beautiful scenery. Went there for a few days but came home feeling like we’d been on holidays for weeks! ”
Maaike, NSW January 06
Rating: 5 /5

“The manner of design and construction of the cabin certainly gives you the charm of yesteryear absolutely brilliant. Hospitality was second to none well done to Brett. Fishing was excellent.”
Phillip, VICTORIA January 06
Rating: 5 /5

“Fantastic accommodation, the Hut is a perfect quiet getaway. We were impressed with the workmanship, the hut is lovely. Plenty of hot water for showers and the beds were as good as in any 5 ***** Hotel. The owners are very nice and friendly. Lots of trout for the fisherman.”
Mark, S December 05