Booking Calendar

Our Booking Calendar is now functioning and we are working to get all our current bookings into the new system.

Select the Check Availability page or make a Booking Enquiry for either Moonbah Lake Hut or River Hut.

If you have a current booking and want to confirm, please phone Brett on (02) 6457 8311.

New Moonbah Hut Website

Sunset at Moonbah Hut Lake Hut

Another Moonbah Sunset view over the Lake with the Lake Hut

Hi !  Yep, you are probably looking for the Moonbah Hut website and you have found the brand spanking new Moonbah Hut website!

Our site was compromised by one of those stupid website hackers last Thursday and our best option was to quickly kill the old site and massage a new site into existence, in a hurry !

So while the site is not as pretty as we would like the photos show what you can experience on a stay at Moonbah Hut.

The Contact page is available, so you can get in touch with Brett and book a fabulous weekend at one of the huts.

Please check back with us soon, we have elves working frantically to rebuild the website!

Of course, you can always phone Brett on (02) 6457 8311.